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pre-engineered metal buildings


roof systems


floor systems and mezzanines


design engineering


Metal building technology has rapidly advanced over the last ten years.

Computer-aided design software now enables us to design pre-engineered metal buildings to the specific wind and seismic parameters of the local building code while matching architectural dimensions to the nearest 1/16".

Our most successful metal building projects are Design-Builds. Working with building end users and design consultants allows us to optimize the metal building while retaining all architectural specifications. 

3D Model Pre-Engineered Metal Building Grand Cayman
Grand Cayman Steel Building


Not all Roof Systems are created equally. Let us advise on the best roof for your project. 

From open-web steel joists and purlins to insulated metal panels and valley gutters, we are happy to discuss cost, leak prevention, aesthetics, corrosion resistance, and structural resilience and all other factors that go into a successful roof application.

steel roof systems florida
roof system installation florida
Roof System


Mezzanines can provide increased functionality to any structure. 

Aptec Building Systems provides all materials, installation services, and signed and sealed drawings and calculations on all projects.

Looking to add a mezzanine to an existing building? Contact us to schedule a site visit!

Grand Cayman steel joist mezzanine drawings with steel stairs nassau
mezzanine construction and steel stairs nassau
Floor Systems Mezz


Design-Build projects offer the building owner a highly efficient process. With a licensed engineer and certified general contractor on staff, Aptec Building Systems is a one-stop-shop solution. 

On the flip side, when brought into an established design team, we have found that our intricate knowledge of the local building codes only further adds to success of the project.

Our design capabilities include steel roofs, mezzanines, masonry, foundations, reinforced concrete, structural aluminum, and light gauge metals!

Concrete footing foundation drawing
Foundation design 3D Model
Design Eng
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